No artificial flavours or taste enhancers in ANY of our processed products.
We use only natural preservatives such as vinegar, oil and citric acid, and in addition to that, we source most of the ingredients for our delicacies directly from our farm!


We refrain from using herbicide to fight weed growth. We rely on ‘weed mat’ instead, a wear resistant, UV stable plastic which lasts up to 7 years, in contrast to cheaper alternatives which have to be thrown away frequently, resulting in pollution. We run several schemes to reduce waste by asking our customers to return packaging material to us in exchange for one of our products of their choice.


A sophisticated system wherein each plant receives the exact nutrition and water quantity that it needs, again, preventing waste of water and nutrients. Furthermore, hydroponically grown plants grow in a substrate (coconut husk in our case) which means they never come in contact with soil.